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Paint the interior effectively TAMADO GOL is the line of high-grade interior paint brings luxury and modern home. With outstanding cleaning performance, TAMADO GOL interior cleaning paint effectively keeps the wall surface clean and beautiful in the long run. This is a special quality line that should be trusted by many families




  • Optimal cleaning: Cleansing the skin surface helps you easily clean small wounds or cause external activity, you will always be bright, shiny.
  • Excellent color: With color protection technology, colors are always as beautiful as new.
  • Good adhesion: Apply the technology, high lacquer lacquer to help you avoid peeling.
  • Prevent bacteria: The paint has a feature that prevents stains from penetrating deep into the wall so it does not damage the paint film.


  • Unleaded colorants and floating powder, water, plastic resins
  • Standard Coating: For conventional flat surfaces 1 liter of paint can cover 12 – 14 square meters / liter / coat.


  • Make sure the paint surface is clean, dry, free of any impurities such as dust, grease or wax.
  • Thoroughly handle wall cracks before application.
  • Do not apply if the wall is moist (surface moisture is 16 percent higher on the Protimeter moisture meter). Leave the surface dry for 21 to 28 days under normal conditions (average temperature 30˚C humidity 80 percent).
  • Water up to a maximum of 10% if applied by brush, roller.
  • Water up to 30 percent if applied by spraying machine.
  • Stir well before use.
  • Use rubbers, rollers, conventional spraying machines.
  • Store the paint in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Place the paint container in a vertical position and cover it tightly.
  • Use right after open.

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