Colors in Feng Shui for The Fire age

From an Oriental conception, each age will have a different destiny including Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. At each age will bring a characteristic as well as a different color. Therefore, the choice of color for each person must follow some general rules. Let the TAMADO learn the colors that match the Fire Marsh.

Each of us has a different personal hobby, and the choice of color is consistent with the principle of the Five Elements, very long ago.. The Fire represents the action and passion. When you decide to do something without spending a lot of time, you act right away. However, sometimes, hasty act often prevent you from coordinating with people who are also responsible for your work.

The Fire age includes: Giap Tuat – 1934, 1994, Dinh Dau – 1957, 2017, Binh Dan – 1986, At Hoi – 1935, 1995, Giap Thin – 1964, Dinh Mao – 1987, Mau Ty – 1948, 2008, At Ty – 1965, Ky Suu – 1949, 2009, Mau Ngo – 1978, Binh Than – 1956, 2016, Ky Mui – 1979.

Suitable colors 


The most proper color for the Fire age is the color of the green: green, light green, because wood burns fire. Therefore, green, light blue is the ideal color that Fire age should use. You can easily associate more light green in your home, for jewelery like emerald, peridot stones.


Red is the color of new energy, the source of great power for the people of fire. It symbolizes a new, explosive, creative power that can also symbolize destruction.

To mention fire, it is to remind of the endless energy, the energy of the sun, and the existence of life. Balance the fire element in the house will help you maintain the excitement and joy in the relationship of the couple.

The power of red is the power to awaken passion, wealth. Red is the luck, happiness in the traditions of many countries, is the symbol of love and romance in the wedding of the Indians, is courage and enthusiasm for the West.

Red used in the South will bring money and fame.

Orange color

Orange is often referred to as “social” because it creates the energy that makes you comfortable. According to the eight-sign figure, the orange color is very good for love charm.

Also, colors like Purple, Pink, and Dark Gold are also colors that suitable the Fire. In the theory Feng Shui that Wood borns Fire. Therefore, colors like green, or wood color are also very similar to Fire Marsh. At the spa,  green color are also many units of choice.

Color in contrast 

Black, gray, dark blue, belong to the Water, not suitable for the Fire, bad influence on the Fire.

Colors may not have a direct impact on one’s life, but it can also have some negative or positive potential effects. So you need to pay attention to the choice of colors . Wish you will choice your loved colors that you want.