Color in Feng Shui for the Earth age people

Color choice is also one of the feng shui elements that Oriental countries are often interested in. So today TAMADO will be with you to learn the colors suitable for feng shui especially the Earth age.

If you are a the Earth age person, you are known by its modesty, simplicity, unobtrusive. These qualities, together with a stable bravery, make people appreciate you. You also bring the harmony among the group members quietly, silently, thanks to the ingenuity in behavior, which is a characteristic of the Earth.

The Earth people are the most practical. Everyday life, for them, are not just about what will come but will always be planned with thoughts as to what needs to be done and what is best.

The Earth age includes: Mau Dan – 1938, 1998, Tan Suu – 1961, Canh Ngo – 1990, Ky Mao – 1939, 1999, Mau Than – 1968, Tan Mui – 1991, Binh Tuat – 1946, Ky Dau – 1969, Dinh Hoi – 1947, 2007, Binh Thin – 1976, Canh Ty – 1960, Dinh Ty – 1977.

Suitable colors 

You are destined to Earth should use earthy yellow tones, brown, in addition can be combined with pink, red, purple (because Fire borns Earth).

Pale yellow 


Yellow helps increase morale, bring comfort. Like the sun, yellow is giving life and energy. Use it wherever you want to lift your spirits or find it clearly. Yellow is associated with the earth’s energy, representing the mother Earth, it also creates a sense of stability and nourishment.

Brown Yellow 


This is the color of the Earth, the color attached to the earth, it represents the stability, makes us feel safe, protected. Although brown is not the dominant color, it is the color that helps you stay relaxed, comfortable when exposed. Bright brown give it lightness in your personality.

The color of Fire 


Fire borns Earth. Therefore, the Earth age people are suitable for red, orange, purple color. For jewelry you can use ruby stone, pink tourmaline stone, granite, spinel stone, pink quartz, purple amethyst, red onyx, …

Unsuitable colors 

Green, blue belong to the Wood, give bad effect to the Earth, causing negative impact on the Turk.

Based on the above suggestions, you can easily choose the most suitable colors. I wish you to choose the right colors for yourself.