About Us


Prico Vietnam Construction and Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2012 just as a workshop located at No. 17/4C Xuan Thoi Son, Hamlet 3, Xuan Thoi Son Village, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

On considering and understanding about the market development trend, in 2015, we set up a paint packing workshop located at 44/20 Hamlet 4, Hiep Thanh 43 Street, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In order to improve the production capacity to meet the requirements of integration and supply our products to both domestic and foreign partners, in March 2017, we officially established Prico Vietnam Construction and Trading Co., Ltd with Capital Chartered of 9,000,000,000 dong (Nine billion Vietnam dong) and invested for the modern equipment to launch our paint product with brand name of TAMADO to meet the requirements of both quantity and quality for our customers.


Continuous Technical Development, Labor Productivity Improvement and Product Quality Increase, with our vision to become the leading manufacturer and supplier for waterproofing materials, water-based paints and surface coatings in Vietnam. We have been always trying our best to improve the product quality by increasing our productivity, maximizing our human resources and updating advance technology.

Customer Focus: Prico Vietnam commit ourselves to strive to satisfy customer needs. We consider the customer trust as the direction for our business with commitment of delivering product with proper quality, right quantity and on time.

Always Be Dynamic and Creative: We pursuit a comfortable and professional working environment, so that every individual can freely promote their ability. For market outside, we follow a flexible policies based on the market changes.


Total Resource of 60 members including office staff and workers, 50% among them have graduated and post-graduated from various majors such as Chemistry, Geology, Industrial Electricity, Electronics, Mechanicals, Information Technology, Management, etc. Our workers all are at least High School Graduation Level.

In addition, we also have many specialists with high professional qualifications for specialized consultancy.

We have ourselves invite both high quality outsourced resources and recruit as well as do training for our internal resources. Job descriptions express responsibilities and authority particularly designed for each title, and professional requirements for work execution as well as management positions. We have established a clear mechanism for decentralizing authority and responsibility through administrative and management regulations.


Paint factory: with area more than 350 m², including:

  • Workshop producing all kinds of WATER-BASED paints
  • Workshop producing WATERPROOFING paints
  • Workshop producing INDUSTRIAL paints
  • Warehouses facilities for storage of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials

The factory here is well-equipped with modern machines imported from advanced countries with the capacity as bellows:

  • Facilities for WATER-BASED paints: 100 ton/shift/month
  • Facilities for WATERPROOFING paints: 50 ton/shift/month
  • Facilities for Color Mixing for WATER-BASED paints: 50 ton/shift/month
  • Facilities for Color Mixing for WATERPROOFING paints: 50 ton/shift/month

Quality control process from input raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are performed, monitored and maintained by a well-trained skilful team with modern equipment to ensure their checking, and quality measurement based on international standards.

Packing Factory: with area more than 150 m².

  • Modern and high-capacity Packing System: 1,000 packs/shift/day


For TAMADO, we have established and maintained a multi-level distribution channel system:

  • Company / Branch -> General Agency -> Agent Level 1 -> Agent Level 2 -> Contractor / User.
  • Company / Branch -> Agent Level 1 -> Agent Level 2 -> Contractor / User.
  • Company / Branch -> Level 1 Agent -> Contractor / User (Small and Medium Projects).
  • Company / Branch -> Contractor / User (projects with high technical requirements).

To implement the policy of “wide and penetrating distribution” to target markets, remote areas; at the present, most of agents and distribution shop of TAMADO are located at down town area, district/city center of provinces, cities across the country.

We always pay attention on After Sale Service and Regular Customer Care Policies. The customer evaluation and customer satisfaction measurement have been conducted every 6 months. This shall provide additional data for the company’s business strategy management activities.